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Ahead of this year’s V Festival, the 24-year-old singer has listed her very own festival tips with “everything from logical thinking to fashion and make-up”.”I love the festival season and cannot wait to be in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge this year!” the blonde star said.

Pixie’s festival tips are as follows:

If you are camping my advice would be to pack dry clothes in something completely waterproof – like a sealed plastic bag.  Layer your clothes too incase it gets cold.  Pack a waterproof poncho and wellies just incase!Wet wipes and antiseptic wipes are a must as they come in handy for lots of things!  A toilet roll too!

As glass isn’t allowed into festivals, boxed wine with plastic glasses is also my tipple! Also handy to pack one large bottle of water with a couple of little ones – you can then use your large bottle to fill up from the drinking water taps.

If the sun comes out! – Sun cream is a must as well as NuBo instant lip perfection spf15 (this is very compact, hydrates and protects the lips from the sun’s damaging rays).

Focus on the eyes for festivals – your lips wear off. Have fun! I’ve drawn on little hearts, stuck on diamantes around my eyes. I’ve had sunflowers drawn on my face. The 60s thing.A smoky drawn-out eye. I love doing it on myself. Use a cotton bud – it makes it smoky but not harsh… smouldery. Get the eye shadow you want on the cotton bud and draw it underneath your eyes, bring it out to a side. Then get a blender brush with the same shadow and take it across the eyelid. Smoke it out as much as you want then add more black if you like.

Then get eyeliner and put it on the inside and put loads of mascara on. MAC eye shadows, Max Factor mascara and Dior kohl eyeliner or Rimmel gel eyeliner in a pot. At festivals MAC’s body art team have done flowers wrapped round my legs before, which look great.

Shove flowers in your hair, tie bandannas around it, put loads of plaits in it. Make it as messy and big as possible! I love experimenting with styles like little plaits and little ribbons with bows. Also a little half-up, half-down thing. I like to mix it up a bit. I love hair accessories; there are some beautiful ones out there.

At a festival you can go crazy and do what you want. A look me and Holly (Holly Rudge, Pixie’s hairstylist from Taylor Taylor London) do is little plaits with bows sewn in the ends. Using hairbands (to secure the braid) looks bulkier so Holly found a way of sewing it with a needle and thread and we attach flowers on the end. Pack a bottle of Batiste dry shampoo – a definite must!


Maybe pop along to a vintage shop or even a charity shop as they always have some good fashion gems ready to buy!

I bought a great red suede fringed jacket from Sandro, a Nasty Gal 60’s/70’s flower power crop top for festival fun, and if your lucky enough not to have to wear wellies, then I’m wearing sliders lots at the moment.

You always need shades for the sun and for when your eyes get hazy from a late night or no sleep all weekend! I have some crazy fun pineapple ones and some chic Fendi ones.

A chic rucksack is always good to put in all your essentials, dry shampoo, baby wipes etc and you won’t lose it when it’s on your back. I have a new pastel pink leather one from Gucci.

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