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Meet Pixie

Pixie Lott is no stranger to the entertainment business, having launched her pop career after first getting discovered by legendary music exec L.A. Reid when she was only 15. Since then, the 26-year-old blue-eyed soul singer has racked up a string of hits in the UK (“Boys and Girls,” “Mama Do”) while also penning tracks for artists like Selena Gomez. Recently, she branched out into theater, starring as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in London’s West End.

You’re only 26, yet you’ve done so much — three studio albums with a fourth on the way, tens of millions of YouTube hits and numerous awards. Has the time flown, or does it feel like a long time since you first started out?

I love what I do so it’s fun and time goes quickly, but, you know, when my first single came out, it was all about Myspace. How crazy is that, right? I remember seeing people from China messaging me on Myspace saying they loved my music, and I couldn’t believe it.

What’s the most significant change in the pop landscape since you began?

I signed a record deal at 15, and I don’t think those kind of label deals are around anymore — the 360 deals where they took a piece of [all revenue, including songwriting royalties and merchandise] because record sales weren’t doing so well since downloading meant no one bought CDs. When streaming started, no one really knew what to do! It completely changed the whole pop market, but now labels get it more and people are earning more from streaming than when it started. The industry is getting to be a better place.

You’ve been many things before, from pop star to musical theater actress, but who is Pixie of 2017?

I want the music as my main thing. I’ve been lucky enough to have other experiences, and I love other sides of performing,because doing the same thing over and over can get boring. I really want this new music to be fresh and current, but the style I love has a soulful feel, whether it’s through the delivery or the writing.The first thing to come out will be a [guest] feature on a real club banger, then my single will be out after that.

You’re also a coach on the new The Voice Kids in the UK and you set up a performing school. Why is it important to have these other outlets in your life?

I love new talent, it excites me. I started out going to an Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts associate school, so I set one up too, and I see all these young people and they’re so talented and excited to be there. The opportunity for The Voice Kids came up and I was like, “I’d love to be a part of that.” The talent in the blind auditions… I’m listening and just gasping, like I can’t believe this voice is coming from a 10-year-old!

You and Oliver were portraying the quintessential ’80s Yuppie couple in these photos — except you were born in 1991. So what’s your first thought when someone says “1980s”?

I love The Wolf of Wall Street, the styling in that, but I’d have to say… Madonna [laughs]. Oh, and I watched Working Girl the other day and Melanie Griffith was fantastic.

There is always pressure and a not-always-welcome spotlight on celebrity relationships, so what makes yours work in the face of that?

When we’re away from each other, we’re speaking to each other as much as we can — WhatsApp is a godsend — but when I go on trips, I always ask him to come if he’s free.He’s my best friend, and the amazing thing is the memories we share. We’ve been together since I was 19, and now I’m 26. We know each other inside out.

Meet Olly

Oliver wears a shirt by Louis Vuitton, pants by Fendi, suspenders by Zara, shoes by Christian Louboutin, a watch by Nixon and a smartphone by Google Pixel

Since he was first scouted by Select Model Management at 15, Oliver Cheshire has become one of the latest avatars for the modern, sharply-dressed British man, following in the footsteps of fashionable blokes like David Beckham and David Bowie. Now 28 and one of the UK’s top male models, working for brands like Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood and Dolce & Gabbana, Cheshire’s recently entered the blogosphere, using his website I Wear The Trousers to espouse on everything from hemlines to the best young designers.

You’ve written about The Talented Mr. Ripley being your style wake-up call. Was it an immediate feeling that fashion was something you wanted to be involved in?

I was 13 or 14 years old seeing that and I just remember thinking Jude Law looked so cool and so dashing and I thought, this is kind of interesting, I might try and read up on some fashion and learn about it a little bit. I think there was always a passion in there somewhere. When I was little, I used to cut the sleeves off my shirts. I’d rip the Levi’s tag off the back of my jeans, make a hole in the front then sew it on these random things!

What was the desire for you to start your blog?

I was getting so many questions on my social media about my style and I was getting written about [in magazines] a lot, so I thought, why not put it into my own words and be a bit more creative about it?

Since you started modeling, what’s been the biggest shift with how men approach style?

When I started modeling, a lot of guys didn’t get it, especially ’round my area of London. They’d be like,”What’re you doing, that’s a bit weird,” but five years in they were asking me, “What creams do you use, Olly, what trousers you going to be wearing?” Now ten years later they’re talking about it so much more, from tanning to grooming regimens. Men are no longer afraid to say,”I really like your hair, what have you got in it?”

What’s the most common style mistake men tend to make?

Tailoring is probably the most common mistake. Get your suits tailored to the right length! And not reading the invite for the dress code, and it’s the simplest thing. If it says black tie, wear black tie! And guys are going over-groomed as well sometimes. Don’t do too much — you still have to look natural!

You and Pixie both have crazy work and travel schedules, but that doesn’t seem to be getting in the way of your relationship. What have you learned over the years about balancing your work and personal lives?

We’re both passionate and driven and want to be successful, and we make time for each other.You can say you’re really busy, but you can always make time. I’m lucky, I can fly around and meet her. There’s a lot of Hollywood relationships where they’re married within a year and divorced in two. We were in no rush — we’ve known each other for six years and I finally asked her to marry me!

You both love your jobs and you’re both always working, but, as a pop star, Pixie is the more recognizable one. How are you with that?

Oh, yeah, she is massively more visible than me! You can get, like, 20 guys asking for a picture and you just take it on the chin. It’s a bit strange. People do know me through fashion, but everyone knows her! I’m like, “Don’t be silly, they just want a picture!” [Laughs]

What do you think about for your future?

It’s a dream to design. That’s a real passion for me — it’s where my heart’s at and what I’d like to do.

Have there been other creative temptations?

I studied acting when I was younger. I still love it but it’s not right. I become very aware of myself as a model, and when you’re acting you have to become very unaware of yourself. But never say never…

Source: PAPER Magazine

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Some people may have been surprised when pop star Pixie Lott landed the starring role of Holly Golightly in the stage version of Breakfast At Tiffany’s, but the singer actually started her career in the theatre.Pixie, 25, joined stage school aged five and had appeared in a West End production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by the time she was 16. And, she says, she always knew that she wanted to be a star.“There was never any other option in my head. As a kid I used to watch documentaries about Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and I knew that was what I wanted. I’d work out all the steps it took to get them where they were.

“I was fascinated by them going to auditions, learning dance routines. Even when I was 10, I was thinking I needed to hurry up.

“My parents were thrown because I was this kid with a fixed idea. I never doubted I could do it.” Pixie’s Holly Golightly is based on the original Truman Capote novella and set in the 1940s rather than the 60s film version starring Audrey Hepburn. “I didn’t think about Audrey Hepburn,” says Pixie. “I didn’t watch the movie version. I didn’t want to intimidate myself.I just thought, ‘This is a dream role and I’m going to go for it and play Holly my way.’ “It was a bit like doing a cover version of a great song. You can’t replicate it; you have to just do it with self belief.” Pixie also has the support of model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire, who she met when she was just 19.“I know I was really young but I didn’t feel that young because I’d been working for so long and I just knew we were right for each other. I’ve got pretty good instincts. “People always ask me about getting married but we’re not at that point yet.

“We’re too young. We have crazy jobs, crazy schedules, and we don’t need to rush. “He is my family. He’s incredibly supportive of me. I’m aware of what that means and how lucky I am.We give each other freedom in what we do but we also like being together.” In between her busy music and acting career, Pixie has also found time to launch a collection of hair paints available at Superdrug, which are perfect for summer festivals and changing your look for parties.Here Pixie tells TV Life more about the new range and she reveals her top beauty and style secrets…

Tell me about your Pixie Lott Paints and how the collaboration with Superdrug came about?I am so excited to have my own hair dye range and it’s been great having products that my friends and I all love to use. I have a collection of wash in/wash out hair dyes, glitter sprays, hair chalks and pens – mostly in pastel colours.Why did you want to break into the beauty industry?From a young age I have always loved trying out different beauty products. I remember trying out my mum’s lipsticks when I was little, and then experimenting with different products on my naturally curly hair.

Music was and is my first love and number one passion, but extending my energies into beauty felt like a natural addition to that.

What is your favourite product in the collection and why?

My favourite one is the pink sorbet wash in hair dye – I just love the colour. I’m also a huge fan of the chalks and sprays as I can play around with them when I don’t have time to go for an all-over colour change.

Who do you see using the range and at what kind of occasion?I am really excited to see that people are using the range at festivals – it’s always fun to experiment more at festivals, and people take cool beauty and fashion risks.Who are your ultimate beauty icons and why?Edie Sedgwick and Brigitte Bardot – they are stunning and I love Brigitte’s smokey-eye look.

How do you stay in such good shape? Can you explain your typical weekly workout regime?

I don’t tend to work out or go to the gym but I always feel like I am racing around and on my feet.

When I did Strictly, it was such a great workout regime. I hope to get back into dancing when I have a little time off. I always make sure I drink enough water and generally eat healthily, however I don’t ever limit myself or cut out treats.

What kind of diet do you stick to?

I’ve never dieted, I just tend to eat healthily and enjoy everything in moderation. If you want a treat, you should treat yourself.

You’re currently starring in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. How do you feel about portraying one of fashion’s biggest icons?It’s such an honour to play Holly Golightly, and to take inspiration from Audrey Hepburn. Our play is based on Truman Capote’s book, not the film, so it’s set in the 1940s not the 60s.I love all the outfits I get to wear in the play and it’s been so incredible to take on the role of Holly.Do you identify with Audrey Hepburn and if so why?

She’s such an inspiration, always so elegant and beautiful. While the Holly I play is based on the book, it’s still such an honour to be mentioned in the same sentence as Audrey.

I really identify with the character of Holly Golightly, little things like we are both short-sighted, both live at Number 2 and have a brother we dote on. Has starring in Breakfast At Tiffany’s influenced your personal style? I’ve found myself becoming more and more influenced by 1940s fashion and beauty. It’s really opened up my eyes to that era.

What’s your favourite make-up look for daytime and evening?

My favourite daytime look is dewy skin with the help of a highlighter, a simple coat of mascara and a subtle lip gloss. For the evening I like to go for a smokey eye and a set of Eylure lashes.

Which one beauty product couldn’t you live without?

I couldn’t live without my Nubo Cell Dynamic Day SPF20 Moisturiser – I love this moisturiser, and it also helps to protect my skin in the sun.

What’s your best budget buy?

I love Max Factor’s mascara – it’s so good and last for hours. I would also recommend the Pixie Paint chalks – they’re a lot of fun.

What is your one favourite anti-ageing trick?

Drink lots of water – it’s the key to healthy, young-looking skin.

Source: Daily Star UK

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How does it feel to be making your West End debut in Breakfast At Tiffany’s ?
Amazing, the tour was great fun but it is just great being in the West End. I can be at home and the theatre is beautiful, it feels really really special.

The tour has been epic, how are you feeling?
It’s definitely very full on, it made me appreciate how hard theatre actors really work, especially on a two show day. Holly Golightly is a character that goes through so much so it does take a lot out of you. But I am really enjoying it.

Had you always wanted to be an actress?
Yeah, it’s always something that I’ve enjoyed and wanted to get into. Singing and music is my number one and my ultimate passion but I love acting and I love dance. I did it at school and I’ve always wanted to do a play and really learn about it. I’d like to do more.

I just had to learn the words really, it is such a wordy piece. I have loads of lines, so I had to properly get them into my head.

Were you a fan of the original book?
I didn’t know about the book before I knew about the role. I only knew of the movie, and I knew the play was based on the book not the film so I had to read it. The book is darker and edgier. I think it’s great that we’re staying true to how Truman Capote originally wrote it. When they made the movie they made it more commercialised, made it more of a romantic comedy, whereas it’s not actually written like that.

Was Audrey Hepburn a big influence?
I love Audrey Hepburn and that iconic picture of her. But I didn’t want to watch the film version again and copy anything Audrey had done because then I would just be a not-as-good version of her. I just read the book and have done my own version. Our Hollys are completely different, apparently.

How would you describe your Holly?
She has very different sides to her. I just try to bring as much of my personality to her as possible so it feels as real as possible. She’s fun to play because she’s a party girl and she also has some more vulnerable and intimate moments.

What has it been like working with Nikolai Foster as your first director?
I think I’ve been really lucky because he is incredible at what he does. He gets the best out of everyone and he’s also taught me loads and is really inspiring to work with. It’s such a mammoth role to take on and it is nerve wracking, so he really made me feel comfortable. He gives everything to his work and I really respect him.

Is it right that you’re producing an album at the same time?
Yes, I did loads of writing last year and I took six weeks off the tour to do some more music. The album will be out next year. I have some fun online music stuff that I’m going to put out for the summer.

Was it hard to switch between the music studio and the stage?
Not really, the music stuff I’ve done behind the scenes since I was 12 and when my single came out it was seven years ago so I’ve been doing it non stop since then. So it just feels normal. It was more of a shift getting into the world of the play.

Are you having to have very early nights and use honey and lemon?
Yes, definitely trying to but it’s hard in London because there’s so much going on. The play takes so much out of you, you just have to say no to things. You only get Sundays off and that’s when you need to recuperate, but there tends to be something going on on a Sunday at the moment so I’m hoping this Sunday I can chill.

So you didn’t make a sneaky trip to Latitude last weekend?
No! I didn’t.

You’re working with a real life cat – how has that been?
Bob is amazing, he’s so placid, most of the time he sits there and chills and the audience are like – Oh my god is that actually a real cat? But there have been some shows, especially early on, where he goes crazy and goes into the audience and causes mischief, but when we’ve been in town he’s been really good.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is in previews at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, opening on 28 July and runs until 17 September.

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Pixie Lott first made waves back in 2009, when she released a series of hit singles that took Britain by storm, like “Mama Do (Uh oh uh oh).”

These days, she’s taking a break from the pop star thing, and keeping it very classy with a gig as Holly Golightly in the stage adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the UK. Lucky for us, however, the actress-singer-songwriter took a break from her day job to answer some questions about dating when you’re famous, guilty pleasure songs, and that one time Britney Spears shouted Pixie out for #WCW.

Is your real name Pixie Lott?

My real name is Victoria Louise Lott, but my parents called me Pixie from when I was a baby as I was so small. It’s stuck and now all my family and friends call me Pixie, I am hardly ever called Victoria.

When did you dye your hair blonde?

I’m blonde naturally, but a little darker than I am right now. I started dying it when I was a teenager and have kept it since then. I’ve been enjoying experimenting with my PAINT range too — the sorbet shade was one of my favorites. While I am doing Breakfast At Tiffany’s I have to keep it blonde though.

Who is your favorite designer?

That’s a tough one… it’s so hard to choose! I love Dolce and Gabbana, since all of their dresses seem to be a perfect fit for me. I also love Fendi and Dior.

What’s a song people are surprised you like?

A random guilty pleasure that I know all the words to is Puddle Of Mud’s “She Hates Me.”

How do you feel about Instagram?

I love Instagram and it’s one of my favorite social media platforms. What I like about Instagram is that you can still keep up an air of mystery, it doesn’t need to be me sharing everything about my life. Oh! And Britney Spears picked me as her #WCW one week and I was blown away and so not expecting it. I haven’t met her yet, but she’s one of my favorite performers.

Who’s your favorite British band of all time?

The Beatles. They’ve written some of the best pop songs of all time. I just love listening to them and always feel inspired afterwards.

What’s the most important life lesson you’ve learned in the past year?

To never stop working hard, take risks and challenge yourself. This year I stepped fully out of my comfort zone and it was really daunting playing Holly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I had to take dialect lessons to perfect her accent, learn a huge script, learn how to play guitar – it was certainly nerve-wracking, but I am loving every moment now.

What’s your favorite flower?

At the moment, I love sunflowers. You can’t go wrong with roses and lilies though, they’re an all time fav.

What’s dating like when you’re famous?

There’s not much difference dating when you’re famous versus when you’re not. There are more pictures taken when you’re scooting about on adventures though.

Photographer: Hannah Diamond
Stylist: Louby Mcloughlin
Makeup: Thuy Le using Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Hair: Larry King at Streeters
Nails: Maddy Ayers of WAH London

Shot at The Cuckoo Club in London

Source: The Galore Magazine

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SHE is the pop princess and style icon with the golden touch and Pixie Lott is convinced her success story will continue when she transports her latest venture to the Dublin stage.

The 25-year-old who boasts a trio of UK No.1 singles in a career that has seen her shoot to fame with a winning combination of her vocal talents and her stunning looks is now set to turn her attention to a whole new challenge, as she makes her acting debut in the role of Holly Golightly in the stage adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

As Pixie sat down with the Sunday World (below) at a plush London hotel, her infectious enthusiasm for all aspects of her relentlessly scrutinised life shone through, as well as her sparkling beauty that was presented in a colourful dress that few could carry off with such grace.
You might expect the star who has been the focus of so many camera lenses down the years to have a modicum of nerves bubbling inside as she throws herself into a debut stage role, yet we found her bursting with enthusiasm to entertain an Irish audience in a week-long run at the Bord Gáis Theatre starting on June 13th.

“I don’t really see it as pressure trying to show what I can do as an actress because when I am me at one of my music shows, that is real pressure,” begins the former Strictly Come Dancing star, with her beaming smile confirming her contentment.

“In this role, I can get into the zone of being someone else, but I guess there will be more pressure when we are performing in front of the press or whatever is coming up ahead of these shows.

“I feel more excitement than nervousness right now as it is a great thrill to get this part. I am determined to make the most of it.

“One of the best parts of this for me is that we are taking the show to Dublin, which has always been one of my favourite cities.

“I have very fond memories of my trips over to Ireland. On my last trip there, I had a rare day when I wasn’t working and we could explore.

“We went up to the Guinness factory, which was great fun. Then we went to Johnnie Fox’s pub and they had some amazing Irish dancers up there. It was a great experience.

“Then we moved around a few different Irish pubs and in every corner, there were musicians singing songs and the atmosphere was so incredible. It is such a good vibe. I just love it.

“I don’t know why everyone seems to be a good singer in your country, but from my experience, everyone loves to get up and sing a song in a pub in Ireland and I just love that culture.”

Pixie’s adoration of all things Irish extends to some of our musical heroes, although she needed a little prompting when we asked her to pick out her favourite musicians from our shores.

“I don’t even know what bands are Irish, can you help me out here and give me a few,” she responded, as she scrambled uncomfortably to find an answer.

“Okay, U2 they are massive and amazing,” she then offered up, before stumbling across a nugget of information that has clearly slipped her mind.

“Oh hang on, I love The Script,” she interjected. “Breakeven is an amazing song. The lyrics are just fantastic.

“I supported them was I was 18 or whatever and they were really nice to me.”

This former X Factor guest judge has crammed so much into her short career and yet she is stepping out of her comfort zone to take on her new stage role.

Holly Golightly is the fictional and iconic American socialite in 1940s New York, with her willingness to befriend the richest men in the city ensuring she was showered with gifts and invitations to attend the most glamorous events in town.

After a successful run of Breakfast at Tiffaney’s in the UK, Lott hopes Irish audiences will enjoy the adaptation of Trueman Capote’s novel that has plenty of differences compares to the movie that featured Audrey Hepburn in the role she is now playing on stage.

“I read the book and tried to visualize how I saw Holly, to make her as real as possible” continues Pixie, who has learned to play the guitar for this role. “That’s when I quickly discovered am like her in so many ways

“Now before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight; I am not a good time girl who take men’s money or anything like that, but I can relate to Holly.

“The book says she is forgetful and short sighted, which I am. She lives at Flat No.2 and so do I. She has a Japanese next-door neighbour and so do I.

“She is free spirited a loves her brother so much, which are two aspects of her that as so closely related to me as well. I can associate with Holly in so many ways.

“Also, I’ve always wanted to do a play because I love acting. I went to theatre school as a kid, but singing was always my focus. Acting is something I thought I might have a go at one day if the right opportunity came along.

“Holly Golightly is an amazing role and that meant it just felt right. As I have started playing and got to know her insight out, I think she is like me in so many ways.”

Lott is already working on a new studio album and insists “music will always be No.1 for me”, but she is open to all ideas for the next chapter of her career, which may even include a more permanent return to the X Factor set-up.

“I love acting and dancing as well, obviously I am a massive fashion fan as well,” she says.

“Luckily in my life so far, a lot of different opportunities have come along and you never know what exciting opportunity will come up next.

“Might I be a judge on X Factor? I don’t know. I just go with the flow when offers of work come in and if it feels right, then go with it.”

When you look at Lott’s delicately petite appearance, it can only be assumed that she spends most of her spare time working hard in the gym, yet she has stated that she avoids the gym for the good of her career.

“My vocal coach told me that going to the gym too much can put a strain on your vocal chords, so that was good enough reason for me not to go,” she added with a smile, as she confirms that her model boyfriend Oliver Cheshire (below) spends plenty of hours working off the pounds on running machines.

This is a young lady who has grown up in the spotlight, with the paparazzi perched outside the hotel waiting where our interview took place in the hope of catching a glimpse of a girl who has got used to being the centre of attention serves as a reminder that this is one star camera lenses will never tire of seeing.

Who knows where this versatile performer will pop up next, but Pixie Lott is here to stay.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s has a week-long run at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre from 13 – 18 June.

Source: Sunday World


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The singer/songwriter and actress, currently playing Holly Golightly in the new UK touring production of play Breakfast at Tiffany’s, talks diamonds, hot showers and high heels.


Tell us about the new stage version of Breakfast at Tiffany’s…
It’s staying true to the original story that Truman Capote wrote, so it is set in the 1940s. The play still has all the amazing characters and stories from the film, the different characters that make up New York, but this isn’t the film brought to life on stage. The movie was set in the 60s, so the era alone makes it quite different. I haven’t actually watched the movie again since I knew I was doing the play because I didn’t want to get too caught up in it.

How does it feel to be playing such an iconic character as Holly Golightly?
I feel really lucky because it is such an amazing role to take on for my first play. I adore Holly. She is extremely free-spirited and has lots of energy, but when needs be, she is also very direct and can tell people how it is. She has a secret past, but she’s a survivor and she makes it through.

Do you feel the pressure is on because Holly is such a well-loved character?
To an extent, but because the play is based on the book and not a complete copy of the movie, the pressure is off slightly because I can’t be completely compared to Audrey Hepburn, who was obviously amazing. Hopefully people will see I’ve created my own interpretation and brought my own personality to the role.

Some might say this is quite a departure for you as you are best known for your music…
Well, I have always believed in being as rounded as a performer as possible. Music is my first love and passion, but I love acting as well. I think it’s really cool to go outside your comfort zone and push yourself as a performer. I did that when I took part in Strictly Come Dancing [in 2014] where I had to learn ballroom and Latin from scratch, which I really loved. I am continuing to write music at every opportunity I can – I will hopefully have my new record ready towards the end of the year, with maybe a little teaser in the summer – but this year it’s been really amazing to focus on acting. Beforehand, I had only done titbits here and there, but now I can focus on a proper, wonderful character whom I get to play every night.

Was there a tough audition process?
It was I guess, because it came a little bit of out of the blue and I had to quickly prepare and learn the script. But once I got in there [Nikolai Foster] the director made me feel really relaxed so I could get into the role easily. So I actually really enjoyed the audition.

Did you have the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey poster when you were growing up?
[Laughs] I actually have it as a coaster for my cup of tea next to my bed. I’ve had it there for ages, long before I won the role. I only realised that the other day. It was obviously meant to be!

Did you know that Truman Capote originally wanted Marilyn Monroe for the role, but her agent advised her against playing ‘a lady of the evening’?
She’s an amazing character and I think Audrey was amazing for the role, very classy and stylish, but I think Marilyn would have been great as well. It would have been a very different kind of Holly. I didn’t have any reservations at all about taking the role because it’s all part of being an actress. Besides, Holly isn’t actually a [prostitute], Capote called Holly an ‘American geisha’. I think she’s an amazing character and once you watch her and get to know her in the play, you see all the different sides and how fabulous and endearing she is.

Are you like Holly in any way?
We’re both really forgetful, she lives at apartment number 2 and my flat is number 2, and we’re both short-sighted. She also likes fashion, I like fashion, and I’d say I’m pretty free-spirited and I love travelling as she does too. So there are a few things that make us quite similar.

Does it concern you that audiences will be making comparisons with Audrey, as that is the Holly they know best?
Like I said, I don’t think the play can be compared to the movie. It’s the same when I perform covers of songs by Kings of Leon or The Killers that I put up on YouTube. I always say I can never compete with the original because it’s always going to be the best. I always do my own interpretation and make it completely my own, and then it stands on its own rather than being compared. I feel like this is the same sort of thing.

The song Moon River is obviously hugely associated with the story – how does it feel to be performing such a classic song?
It’s a timeless song and a dream to sing. And I’m pleased that I get to sing a little in the show. There’s always pressure, but I’ve got to focus on enjoying myself. In previous experiences of performing, as long as I enjoy myself it helps the audience enjoy themselves, and that’s what it’s all about.

You learned to play guitar especially for the role – what was that like?
I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar, so really the play has given me the perfect excuse, and I can keep it up afterwards and use it to write songs. It’s hard though! The guitar’s really, really hard! But I’ve been practising a lot. It appears in an intimate moment for Holly, so I’m sort of playing it to myself, rather than turning into a big old musical song and dance. It sits well in the play.

There is music from the era and original music by Grand Olding – so do other songs feature in the play?
They do. There’s music playing throughout, and I also sing a little hillbilly ballad on the guitar, which helps illustrate some of Holly’s past, but apart from that all the music is from the 1940s or 1940s inspired.

This is your first major stage role since you were a child/teenager – why did you leave theatre for so long?
Because I wanted to get my songs out there. I started writing when I was 13 or 14 and I always wanted to be a recording artist and make my own albums. That was always the goal, and it just sort of took over because it came in first. Music is something I will always keep on doing and I am still recording alongside the play.

The chemistry between ‘Fred’ and Holly is intrinsic to the story – how do you get on with your co-star Matt Barber?
We did meet the week before rehearsals began to go through some lines, which I think was a really good idea. It was nice to go in on the first day of rehearsals already knowing each other. But yeah, we get on really well, which is lucky, as we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.

At its heart, this is a love story, focusing on Holly’s self-discovery – would you agree?
I think everyone’s self-discovery. ‘Fred’ comes to New York to find himself, so does Holly. All these people in New York and their personalities and how they are finding themselves in the city.

Does your Holly have a cat?
I’m still getting used to the cat. I’m not really familiar with holding cats or being with cats. Thankfully, I’m not allergic, but I’ve got to get my cat acting up to scratch!

Can you remember the first time you became aware of Breakfast at Tiffany’s (the novel or the film)?
When I was younger we watched the movie – all the girls in my family loved it, But I didn’t read the book until I auditioned for this production. I think Breakfast at Tiffany’s is every girl’s favourite movie because it’s very stylish and classy, and you take a little bit of Holly away with you afterwards. There are some really good qualities in her.

Let’s talk about costumes as Holly’s look is so iconic – will you be wearing Givenchy like Audrey?
I don’t think so, that would have been amazing, but all of my costumes and accessories are genuine vintage pieces, which is wonderful. I love playing with the way I look, experimenting and trying different things so creating Holly’s style has been a dream. The styling for the play is totally 1940s, and I have lots of costume changes, so it is very different to my usual get-up.

Have you ever done the whole having a coffee and Danish pastry outside Tiffany’s thing?
I haven’t done that, but the last time I was in New York I did go and check out the store. I’ve always been a fan of Tiffany’s, and I like coffee and Danish, but I’d say I’m more of a tea and toast kind of girl!

The play is touring before it moves to the West End – you must have packing for the road down to perfection?
Unfortunately, I still haven’t learnt how to travel light. I just shove all I can fit into a case, and it’s always so heavy. I’m really excited about the tour though because it’s good to see the different audience reaction in each city. I guess Canterbury is closest to my family because it’s in Kent where I grew up. And, of course, I am super-excited to be performing at the Haymarket in London. This will be the longest I’ve been in each location, so I will have a little bit of time to explore them and get to know them a bit better.

What can we expect to find in your dressing room – will it be as chaotic as Holly’s apartment?
I’m a really messy person! I guess there’ll just be loads of make-up and maybe a candle and some pictures of the era to help me get into character. So it will probably be fairly chaotic. I’ll say it’s part of the character and blame it on Holly.

Has your boyfriend Oliver [Cheshire] been helping you with your lines?
Oliver was really excited for me, but I’ve been trying to get everything into my head myself. My mum and dad have helped me run some lines, but they’re really not very good actors. My mum’s American accent sounds like Mickey Mouse or something!

What will surprise audiences most about the play?
Probably that it is not exactly like the film, and it’s also quite a rollercoaster of emotions. Most of the time it’s very high-energy and then there are times when it can move you. It covers all areas. It’s surprising that even though it was written in the 40s, so long ago, Truman Capote’s story is still so relevant and ahead of its time. I guess that’s what makes it such a modern classic.

How would you sum the play up in a few words?
Exciting, moving…and fun!


Quickfire Questions

Danish pastries or croissants?
Croissants, if they’re warm, otherwise Danish.

Diamonds or Pearls?
I’m going to say diamonds, but Holly actually says diamonds are for older women.

Night in or Night out?
Night out.

Couture or High street?
Couture, all the way.

Acting or Singing?
This is a tough one, but I owe my life to singing.

Cats or Dogs?

Baths or showers?
Hot showers

Champagne or Whisky?
Champagne, definitely.

Heels or flats?
Again I love both – so flats during the day, and heels at night.


By Jeremy Mark

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THERE aren’t many people who do Positive Mental Attitude better than Pixie Lott. She’s so relentlessly cheerful, so permanently bushy-tailed, that it’s difficult to imagine anything getting her down.

Take the disappointment of her eponymous third album – released in the summer of 2014 – failing to break into the Top 10, and the last couple of singles not faring particularly well either.

Bromley-born Pixie, 25, simply shrugs her shoulders. “I just keep on going,” she says on coping when music she’s poured her heart and soul into doesn’t, for whatever reason, quite cut the mustard in terms of chart performance.

 “I do stuff that I believe in myself. You can’t keep everybody happy all the time, so you need to keep doing what you enjoy and do what you think is right.

“When I stop enjoying myself, I’ll just pack it in! But I don’t think that’ll ever happen, because I have the bug to just keep going. I’ve been doing this for ages and the buzz is still the same as it was from the start.”

Nevertheless, she acknowledges that it’s important to diversify, which is why she’s put music on the back-burner in order to concentrate on adding strings to her bow – hence her upcoming lead role in a new stage version of Breakfast At Tiffany’s. She’s constantly writing new material, but admits it’s unlikely anything will be released until next year.

“Music has been and still is my number one, but there are other areas I want to focus on,” she says. “Doing Strictly [in 2014] was definitely branching out of my comfort zone, and I learned so much from that, and that’s what I’m hoping for from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

“I remember going to see Chicago on Broadway when I was about 15 and Usher was performing as Billy Flynn, and I knew then not to be afraid to go into other areas and to be as rounded a performer as you can be.”

Every time we’ve shot and interviewed Pixie for the cover of Fabulous, she’s been nothing less than completely charming. She’s unassuming, unstarry and undemanding, and so laid-back there can’t be much in life that ruffles her feathers.

Since she arrived on the music scene back in 2009 with the No.1 debut single Mama Do, Pixie – who was born Victoria but was given the nickname as a baby – has gone on to establish herself as one of the country’s most stylish celebs.

She rarely puts a fashion foot wrong and designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, who have become good friends, queue up to dress her. She’s never afraid to experiment, doesn’t ever take herself too seriously and switches easily between grunge, glam, classic cuts and more offbeat styles.

She makes flat shoes look sexy every time – nobody does a brogue quite like Pixie. And it all makes her the perfect choice to be our Style Issue cover star.

“I do love fashion,” she says. “I think my favourite era will always be the 1960s. It can be quirky, fun and sexy, but also classic and beautiful. I love Brigitte Bardot, Edie Sedgwick, Marilyn Monroe…I love Audrey Hepburn as well. So I like to keep it contemporary but inspired by different eras.”

The spare room of her east London flat sounds like a fashionista’s heaven. She describes vast piles of designer clothes, vintage handbags and “millions and millions” of shoes, which means her second bedroom is not fit for purpose and bursting at the seams.

Organised chaos?

“No, just chaos,” she says, holding her hands up. “Total chaos, like, everywhere. It’s so bad and I need to organise it because it’s crazy to live in. I’ve got too much stuff and I never put anything away.

“I’ve tried to do clear-outs, but there’s just so much of it, I wouldn’t know where to start. I get attached to things. I’m like: ‘Ooh, this could come in handy if I ever have to dress up as a policeman…’ Basically, I need a bigger place with more space.”

Which is why she’s spending more time on Rightmove than Net-A-Porter these days – not that there’s much space in the schedule for house-hunting, either. Pixie is in the middle of rehearsing six days a week for the iconic role of Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, which will tour the country between March and June before landing in London’s West End for a three-month run at Theatre Royal Haymarket.

She’s currently based in Leicester, where the cast are rehearsing for five weeks until the tour kicks off there. We meet at a cocktail bar in the East Midlands city, and Pixie – in typically upbeat spirits despite having just finished a full-on 10-hour rehearsal – arrives with her guitar slung on her back and orders a cup of tea.

She’s dressed down in a pair of J Brand skinnies, a Bella Freud jumper and the cutest pair of Minna Parikka bunny “sneaks” (complete with rabbit ears and fluffy tail), and is wrapped up against the February chill in a toasty parka by Ruby Sky London.

Pixie is in the enviable position of often being handed expensive freebies, which no doubt add to the disarray in that out-of-control spare bedroom.

“I know I’m lucky, whether things are gifted or even if I just borrow them for an event and then send them back. I still get excited. Dolce & Gabbana sent me and Oliver a Valentine’s his ‘n’ hers box. There was this amazing dress, purse and phone case, and I was all: ‘Oh my god.’”

Oliver is Oliver Cheshire, 27, Pixie’s live-in boyfriend and a male model with campaigns for the likes of D&G and Calvin Klein under his belt – and the sort of cheekbones that could slice metal.

She met him at a fashion show six years ago and the two of them quickly became friends. He came to watch her support Rihanna in London, and they later ended up in New York at the same time, where they went out with a group of friends. As they saw each other more, the friendship developed into romance.

“I always thought he was really nice because he seemed, like, really normal,” says Pixie. “I think that was it more than anything else, and I sort of got him straight away. In that showbizzy world, he was just like a person from back home. He was really easy to talk to.”

Does she ever worry that she met The One at the age of 19, before she’d experienced more of life?

“No,” she replies, very definitely. “I think every relationship is different and there are no real rules. Some of my friends have dated loads of people and others are still with the first person they started going out with, a bit like me. If it feels right, you just go with it.”

Both Pixie and Oliver’s schedules mean long spells apart. He’s been travelling to Leicester when work allows it, but Pixie admits there are stretches when, save for FaceTime, they barely see each other.

“Either I’m away or he’s away, and those times are hard. But we’re used to it because it’s been like that since the beginning. We have complete trust, and I think if we didn’t have that, it would be much more difficult than it is. I’d like to think we were heading that way [towards marriage], definitely.”

Aside from performing, Pixie also has a collection of hair products called Paint – which includes chalks, metallic sprays and wash-out colours – as well as her own eyelash range. There’s the possibility of a fashion line in the future, although it would be different from her collaboration with Lipsy a few years ago – an arrangement that produced four successful collections but that didn’t sit comfortably with Pixie.

“Some of the pieces – which had to be there because they were their bestsellers – were not things I would personally wear. I’d want to do it so every single piece was my own,” she says.

Pixie drains her teacup and happily poses for a selfie with an eagle-eyed fan who has spotted her huddled away in our low-lit corner.

As she leaves to head back to her temporary digs, she mentions a recent meeting in LA with the legendary producer Quincy Jones, who gave her some advice she now plans to live by: “He told me: ‘Have humility with your creativity and grace with your success,’” she says.

Pixie already has both those things in spades.

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NOTION: Did you and Oliver have a great Christmas and New Year?

PIXIE: I had a great Christmas and New Year with my family and Oliver in Verbier, Switzerland. Oliver arrived on Boxing Day and we skied most days ❄?

NOTION: 25 is a big year. What are you most excited about this year?

PIXIE: I feel like it’s a bit of a turning point – new year, turning 25, new music, first lead acting role – so much to look forward to in 2016. I am especially excited for everyone to hear my new music. Music is my passion but I’m also excited to play Holly Golighty in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It’s such an iconic role and a dream role for me – she’s amazing! I have not performed on a West End stage since I was 12 and performed in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while studying at Italia Conti. It’s going to be nerve wracking but I can’t wait.

NOTION: Birthdays are also a time of reflection of past years. What has been the most important lesson you have learned so far?

PIXIE: I love celebrating my birthday big with family and friends.  I think I have learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt and do what makes you happy!

NOTION: Let’s talk about your new track with Akelle! It’s a fantastic track and your voices complement each other perfectly. Did you enjoy working with him?

PIXIE: Yes, he is so talented and easy to work with! I can’t wait to do more.  I’m so excited for everyone to hear what we did. I wanted to premiere it on my birthday to give my fans a little treat from me – I hope they like it as much as I do!

NOTION: How did you come to work together?

PIXIE: It was great writing and being in the studio with him, and the producer PRGRSHN.  We just went into the studio for literally a couple of hours and sang lyrics and melodies and it just came out so easy! They’re such talented people and lovely to be around. I love WSTRN’s music – ‘In2’ is such a great track and was one of my favourite tunes of last year.

NOTION: Your fans will be dying to know what other new music you have lined up. Can you reveal anything?

PIXIE: I’m so excited for my fans to hear what I have been working on in LA! I spent lots of time there last year and have written tons of new tracks.

NOTION: Lastly, how will you be celebrating today?

PIXIE: I have been celebrating with my friends over the weekend in Verbier and I fly back at lunchtime today! I’m having a cartoon character themed party in London – you have to go for it when it’s your birthday.. I love celebrating woo!!

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