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Which beauty products do you swear by?

A good moisturiser is an essential. I moisturise morning and evening and I love La Roche-Posay and Vichy.

What are your essential cosmetics?   

It’s important to have a good mascara – a favourite is Max Factor Masterpiece. I use Benefit Watt’s Up face highlighter for a dewy glow.

If people get cosmetic surgery and it helps boost their confidence, I don’t see any problem with that

What are your Christmas party make-up essentials? Smoky eyes are fun for a Christmas party and you can glam it up with lipstick.Do you have any top beauty tips? Use a cleanser and moisturiser that suit your skin type and invest in a foundation that’s the perfect colour, even if you have to mix two or three together.

Tell us about your new haircare range…I’m so excited to have my own hair products. I have loved trying them out. The range is called Paint by Pixie Lott and includes hair dyes, chalks, sprays and pens in some of my favourite colours.What has been your favourite hair look?I dyed my hair for the launch of the range – it was sorbet pink – and I loved it.

Do you diet? 

No, I love food too much to diet. I think everything in moderation, and you have to treat yourself sometimes.

What part of your body would you change?

I always think it’s good to feel comfortable with who you are. Imperfections are what make you unique.

Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery? 

At the moment I don’t think I would, but never say never. If people get cosmetic surgery and it helps boost their confidence, I don’t see any problem with that.

Which other women do you think are beautiful? Brigitte Bardot and Edie Sedgwick. Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful, and seems like she’d be lovely, too.What is your signature fragrance? Chanel No 5. It’s a classic.

How do you pamper yourself? 

I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure with my friends.

Describe your style… 

Sometimes classic, sometimes quirky and fun.

Do you have a favourite shop or designer? 

Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, and Chanel. My favourite high street stores are Topshop and American Apparel.

Have you suffered any fashion disasters? 

I’ve had lots of malfunctions. My dress unzipped during Leeds Festival and the show had to go on. Also, camera flashes make things see through and you don’t realise until it’s too late…

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day? 

I love a good set of pyjamas, and will probably spend most of the day in those. I love being cosy at Christmas.

Paint by Pixie Lott is available exclusively from Superdrug stores and superdrug.com. The range starts from £2.99 for a highlighting pen.

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Life is pretty good for singer and model Pixie Lott. The former Strictly star has been in LA recording her new album and recently announced she is launching her own range of hair chalks, sprays and wash-in colours with Superdrug.But being busier than ever hasn’t stopped the 24 year old getting excited about Christmas. She says, “I love Christmas. Me and my sister and brother have our stockings on our heads and we dance to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Bruce Springsteen. That’s like a tradition!”

The pint-sized pop star lives with her model boyfriend, Oliver Cheshire, in London but she has always been close to her family who live in Brentwood, Essex.

“I love food too much to diet”

Pixie Lott

The loved-up pair, who have been dating for five years, are keeping quiet about any potential plans to wed. “I love small weddings in a different country, but I like massive ones in England, so maybe I’ll have two,” she has cheekily said. “And it’s one of my ambitions to visit Hawaii. Maybe I’ll save that one for my honeymoon.”

With three number one singles under her belt, Pixie recently revealed that she plans to try her hand at acting after being cast as Holly Golightly in the West End play Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

“I totally love Holly’s style and free spirit; she’s always been an icon to me,” she said. The play will tour the UK and Ireland before a 12-week run at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London next summer.

But music fans don’t need to worry – the pop world isn’t losing one of its brightest stars just yet. “Music is still my first love,” she says. “In fact, the new album will be finished by Christmas and I will start releasing singles next year.”

Here, Pixie shares her excitement about the new hair range, recording new material and her party beauty secrets with TV Extra. You’re known for rocking some fab hairstyles – tell us about the new colour range. I’m so excited to have my own haircare range, and have loved trying them all out and experimenting with the colours, chalks and sprays.The range is called PAINT by Pixie Lott, and includes hair dyes, chalks, sprays and pens in some of my favourite colours. It’s really affordable. Prices start from £2.99, so anyone can try experimenting.What’s been your favourite hair look?

I loved the sorbet pink shade I used on my hair for the launch of the range. I loved it so much that I kept it in when I went to LA. For Halloween, I used violet and hints of sorbet and used it to complete my mermaid Halloween costume.

Any beauty products you swear by?

It’s important to have good mascara – a particular favourite of mine is MaxFactor Masterpiece. I swear by a good moisturiser and I always take good care of my skin. I use La Roche-Posay or Vichy and I moisturise morning and night.

I also love a highlighter to give a gorgeous dewy glow, and mostly use Benefit’s Watt’s Up Face Highlighter. I like my face to look natural, so I apply a Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder to my T-zone. I really like my freckles and sometimes at this time of year I pencil them in.

What are your top fashion and beauty party tips for this Christmas? Rainbow hair, of course! I think beauty starts from the inside out. If you are feeling good on the inside and you give out love and kindness, then it does show. It makes you look and feel more beautiful.Make sure you keep it simple – use a good cleanser and a moisturiser that suits your skin. And invest in a foundation that’s the perfect colour, even if you have to mix them up a little. I like to treat myself to a mani and pedi with my friends – then we can all have a gossip and get a little pampering in.

If an outfit doesn’t quite work out quite as planned, then you can still work it and have a fabulous time. nI have a passion for fashion, make-up and costume and it’s fun that I get to combine it all.

If I could raid anyone’s wardrobe, it would probably be Alexa Chung’s– she always looks so cool. Fashion is for the person who is wearing it, so wear whatever you want – be unique and be happy.

Do you diet?

I try to eat healthily, and drink lots of water. I love food too much to diet. I reckon you should have everything in moderation – you have to treat yourself sometimes. It’s good to feel comfortable for who you are. Imperfections are what make you unique!

Who are your celeb beauty idols?

I think Brigitte Bardot and Edie Sedgwick are gorgeous, and they are complete style icons of mine. I also think Jennifer Lawrence is so beautiful, plus she seems like she would be a lovely person too.

How would you describe your style?

I will always have a love for the 1960s, but like to mix it up with a contemporary style. Sometimes classic and sometimes quirky and fun. I love Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, and Chanel! My fave high street stores are Topshop and American Apparel. And I love Browns department store.

Have you had any fashion disasters?I have lots of malfunctions! My dress unzipped during my performance at Leeds Festival and the show had to go on.What will you wear on Christmas Day?

I love Christmas jumpers. I was trying some on the other day and they’re so snuggly and warm, I’ll be trying to get some for myself this Christmas. I love a good set of pyjamas, too, and will probably spend most of the day in those. I just love being cosy at Christmas!

Do you usually do any special post-festive season diets?

I won’t be detoxing, as I find it impossible to maintain in the long-term. I’d rather just eat a little healthier and make sure I drink more water after all the cocktail temptations over Christmas.

What is your fitness regime?I don’t hit the gym at all; I find it boring. But I love dancing. This summer I toured with Trent Whiddon, my Strictly dance partner. Dancing is a great all-over body workout, but you really enjoy it so it doesn’t feel like exercise I’ve been in Los Angeles writing songs for my next album and I did this incredible workout called Pure Barre mornings and evenings. It’s dance and ballet based and I really enjoyed it.How do you spend your down time?

Mostly chilling out with my boyfriend or friends. I call them “in days”. I’ll stay at home, watch loads of movies, stroll out to the shops for a takeaway, then come back home and watch TV or listen to music and read magazines. I like getting outside and embracing the outdoors. I just love winter; one of my favourite winter getaways is the Cotswolds. I’ve had a couple of short breaks there and it’s just so beautiful. The English countryside is so lovely.

Do you think you will be making any new year resolutions?

Every year, my resolution is always to learn how to drive! Also, to get better at doing the things I want to do.

Paint by Pixie Lott is available exclusively in Superdrug stores and Superdrug.com. The range includes sprays, chalks and wash out hair colour and starts from just £2.99 for a highlighting pen.

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Singer, songwriter, dancer and actress – Pixie Lott can now add something new to her long list of accomplishments, following the launch of her range of temporary hair colours. HELLO! Beauty editor Nadine Baggott chats to the chart-topper and finds there is Lotts more to come.

Think of Pixie Lott and what springs to mind? The successful pop star with three UK No. 1s to her credit? The songwriter who has collaborated with Stevie Wonder and John Legend? Or the Strictly Come Dancing star who last year wowed both public and judges with her high scores? At 24, Pixie has already accomplished plenty, yet it seems she is only just getting started. Next year will see her star in a theatre production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which will tour the UK and Ireland before a 12-week West End run. This month she has sprinkled her Pixie dust over the beauty business with the launch of her collection of hair chalks, sprays and wash-in colours for Superdrug. Here she reveals her aim to chalk up yet more success – in beauty, on stage and in the studio.

Pixie, tell us about your first beauty range…

“What girl doesn’t want to create her own beauty range? I wanted to team with Superdrug in the long term and I will eventually have lots of different lines – from hair to make-up to body products. I started with hair because the colours are fun and a great way to mix up your look. I’ve been blonde all my life, but I get bored and these pastel chalks, sprays and washes are a great way to change your look without making any permanent moves. You don’t need to be scared, as you can wash them out and they are easy to do at home. Today I’m blue, but I also love the violet and pink sorbet shades. They are all pretty pastels.”

Do they work on all hair colours?

“The wash-in colours work best on blondes, but the chalks work well on wet dark hair and the sprays do work on darker hair. I’ve been wearing them myself but until now they have been a secret; now I can finally tell everyone how I got my look.”

Who is responsible for your hair colour and cut?

“Holly, she is part of my team and is amazing; she cuts and colours my hair. I used to have bleach but it was really damaging. Now I have an all-over tint, then a toner left on to take the yellow out. My hair feels in much better condition.”

Can you style it yourself?

“Yes, I love to braid my own hair; I used to do all of my friends’ at school. I can do corn rows, ponytails… but I’m rubbish at blow drying my hair as it is really curly.”

How would you describe your beauty style?

“I like to follow the catwalk trends from London Fashion Week and I always look at Instagram for inspiration. My icons are Brigitte Bardot and Edie Sedgwick, so lots of blonde hair plus a smoky eye and a nude lip. But I’m not afraid to try different looks; make-up and hair are fun and temporary to me.”

What has been your biggest style mistake?

“I can’t think of any beauty ones. But trust me, there have been loads of times when I’ve had wardrobe malfunctions on stage – zips that come undone, tops I didn’t realise were see-through…”

What are your make-up essentials?

“MAC lipstick in Pure Zen – it’s my favourite nude lip. For my face I like to look natural and glowy, so I apply a Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder to my T-zone, use a Sleek palette to contour under my cheekbones, then MAC highlighter on top. It fives a really three-dimensional, glowing look. I like my freckles and sometimes at this time of year I pencil them in. On my eyes, I use the same Sleek bronzer underneath and in the crease, then I love MAC in Extreme Dimension 3D, or Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara if you’re on a budget.”

Talking of lashes, yours are great. What’s your secret?

“This brilliant lash growth serum called M2. It’s a clear serum that you put on like eyeliner at night before you sleep. It makes your lashes super long and thick.”

What about your eyebrows – who looks after them?

“No one; I have never plucked them and like them to be fluffy – but groomed – as possible. I use MAC clear Brow Set gel to make them look fuller, but natural.”

Do you have a signature scent?

“My all-time favourite is Chanel No5, but this summer I wore Gucci Floral because it’s lighter and pretty.”

Pixie has launched a range of hair chalks

Do you work out, or does performing keep you fit?

“I don’t hit the gym at all; I find it so boring. But I love, love dancing and this summer I toured with Trent Whiddon, my Strictly dance partner. Dancing is a great all-over body workout, but you really enjoy it so it doesn’t feel like exercise.”

Were you in the best shape of your life when you did Strictly?

“No. I was the fittest I have ever been, but the BBC catering is just too tempting and you get hungry when you dance all day long. This summer I was in much better shape because I was in Los Angeles writing songs for my next album and I did this incredible workout called Pure Barre mornings and evenings. It’s dance and ballet based and I really enjoyed it.”

Pixie has been showing off her striking range on Instagram

How excited are you about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

“So excited. It’s my dream role. Audrey Hepburn is one of my idols, so how could I say no?”

You are no stranger to the West End, but this is your first play, isn’t it?

“Oh yes. This is not a musical, it’s acting – there is just one song to sing, Moon River – and it’s a real challenge for me.”

When can we expect your new album?

“Music is still my first love. The new album will be finished by Christmas and I will start releasing singles next year. Next year is all about acting and singing.”

Pixie’s Picks:

1. Chanel No5 Eau de Parfum, £68, from Boots.
2. M2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum, £125, from Harrods. 3. Sleek MakeUp Face Form, £9.99, from Boots.
4. Pixie Lott Paint Spray on Colour, £3.99, in Gold or Silver, exclusive to Superdrug.
5. Pixie Lott Paint 6 x Hair Colour Chalks, £4.99.
6. Pixie Lott Paint Wash Out Hair Colour, £5.99, in four shades, including Violet.
7. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Micro-Powder, £33; visit charlottetilbury.com.
8. Pixie Lott Paint Wash Out Hair Colour, £5.99 (Hawaii shade pictured).
9. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black, £10.99, from Boots.
10. MAC Strobe cream, £24.50; visit maccosmetics.co.uk.
11. MAC Lipstick in Pure Zen, £15.50.

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As she prepares to star in Breakfast At Tiffany’s at Theatre Royal Plymouth next year, Pixie Lott talks about living in the moment, not growing up too soon and why family comes first…

Pixie Lott is all set to make her stage debut next year, playing Holly Golightly in an adaptation of Breakfast At Tiffany’s – and she clearly can’t wait.

“It’s very exciting, it’s my dream role. I love the movie and to have that as my first play is amazing,” she exclaims.

“I love Holly Golightly and everything about her; her style, her fashion, and that she’s such a strong woman and vulnerable as well. She’s got all those sides to her personality…

 “I want to bring myself to the character as much as possible,” Lott continues. “I think most people have different sides to them, and I’m definitely going to draw on that.”

And having different sides is no doubt something she relates to.

Singer, songwriter, actress – at 24, Lott has three albums and six top 10 singles under her belt, and has spent almost half her life pursuing her showbiz dreams.

Yet she still hangs out with her old school friends, and happily admits she’s “such a family girl” – two things she says are key to keeping her feet planted firmly on the ground.

“I’m with them [my family] a lot, so I think no matter what, I would have my feet on the ground because of them. I love my family and friends and I’m very loyal, and would do absolutely anything for them.”

There’s also her boyfriend of five years, fashion model Oliver Cheshire, who thankfully has the Lott family seal of approval. “We go on holiday with my family and they all love him. He has a quirky character and he’s handsome!”

She sounds utterly smitten, but listening to her talk about their relationship, the word “fun” crops up a lot – “I love Oliver… We have the same interests, we like doing the same things and it’s fun, we laugh at the same things and he’s really fun to be around” – just as things should be in your early 20s.

In fact, when asked whether she’s thinking about marriage and kids, Lott replies: “Eventually, definitely… We haven’t decided anything at the moment because I’m still only 24 and there’s so much we both want to do, we’re happy having fun how it is.”

Perhaps it’s this calm confidence and wisdom that’s helped Lott find steady showbiz success, without falling prey to the drama, Twitter storms and gossip column inches that can plague so many young celebs.

Passion for her work has always been her focus, she says, and right now, putting the finishing touches on her fourth album – due out next year – has been taking centre stage. “I’ve been working on it all year and I’m going to LA at the end of the month and New York to finish it off,” the Bromley-born singer explains.

She describes recently singing one of the new tracks from the album with a live orchestra on Radio 2 as “amazing and incredible”. The song, called High Hopes, was originally a poem Lott penned: “It’s just about having high hopes and no matter what you’ve been through, to have that hope in your heart and still carry on.”

It’s a philosophy she tries to stick to, and Lott says she’s “written every day” since she started writing her first album, at 14. She notes that the process has “progressed loads” over the years though and her songs are now “much more mature, which hopefully people can relate to” – and it’s not just on the music front that she’s matured.

“When I was 14, I was very naive, but now I’m not as naive and I know exactly what I want, and I’ll say what I think and stand by what I want to do more,” she reveals. “There’s always a little something in me that will never want to lose that childlike innocence. That’s what I like in the world, I don’t want to have a mean outlook on things; I want to always have that. I don’t want to be cynical…”

Embracing opportunities is part and parcel of keeping meanness and cynicism at bay, like taking part in last year’s Strictly Come Dancing.

“I was sad when I got eliminated,” admits the star, who was voted off during the quarter-finals in week 11, “because I really wanted to learn the Argentine tango and the finale dance! I was so looking forward to it because I was loving the whole experience.”

What was it she loved so much?

“I have like a performer rush – I love the ‘after’ feeling, as I was so nervous before, trying not to do a step out of place, and then when it went well, that feeling was amazing.

“After the shows, I was always the first one going out to celebrate. I’d go round rounding up the troops and getting everyone out! That was part of the whole fun of the show for me.”

She says her advice for this year’s celebrity contestants would be to “just enjoy it – don’t get too caught up in the tension because it goes by so quickly, just enjoy yourself and take it as one of the greatest experiences you’ll have”, adding that she’s still “really good friends” with her partner on the show, Trent Whiddon, and his wife Gordana.

As fun as these sidelines are, music and performing will always be number one.

“Growing up, when I was at school doing my exams, my dad always taught me, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’, and I always try to live by that,” says Lott.

“But my main philosophy at the moment is to enjoy the moments so you don’t race through everything, and instead of worrying about what’s going to happen, it’s about enjoying now and living now, because life is too short to waste.”

Pixie Lott stars in Breakfast At Tiffany’s at Theatre Royal Plymouth from June 20 to 25, 2016

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Brit pop singer Pixie Lott will be taking to the stage at the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) Tunnel of Love event on November 11th at London’s Victoria & Albert Museum to help raise funds for its Mending Broken Hearts Appeal.

The evening will begin with a champagne and cocktail reception, sponsored by Boujis, followed by dinner, games and Pixie’s performance before rounding off with DJs.

Pixie ‘ who is best known for her singles Mamma Do and All About Tonight – catapulted to fame in 2009 with her debut album Turn It Up. She has since gone on to have three UK number ones, selling over 4 million singles and 1.6million albums worldwide.

The soulful R&B influenced pop princess will be taking centre stage at the BHF’s fashion and art party to help fund new research to find a cure heart failure. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at www.bhf.org.uk/tunneloflove

Singer Pixie Lott said: ‘I’m delighted to be performing at Tunnel of Love this year and supporting the BHF’s life saving work. Heart failure is a devastating and incurable condition affecting around half a million people in the UK.

‘The money raised from Tunnel of Love will help fund vital research that will bring new hope to people living with this debilitating condition’.

Supporting Pixie will be MTV presenter and model Lilah Parsons, and Billy Clark, who will both DJ on the night.

All proceeds from Tunnel of Love will go towards the BHF’s Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, which aims to bring new hope of a cure to over half a million heart failure patients living in the UK.

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Ahead of this year’s V Festival, the 24-year-old singer has listed her very own festival tips with “everything from logical thinking to fashion and make-up”.”I love the festival season and cannot wait to be in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge this year!” the blonde star said.

Pixie’s festival tips are as follows:

If you are camping my advice would be to pack dry clothes in something completely waterproof – like a sealed plastic bag.  Layer your clothes too incase it gets cold.  Pack a waterproof poncho and wellies just incase!Wet wipes and antiseptic wipes are a must as they come in handy for lots of things!  A toilet roll too!

As glass isn’t allowed into festivals, boxed wine with plastic glasses is also my tipple! Also handy to pack one large bottle of water with a couple of little ones – you can then use your large bottle to fill up from the drinking water taps.

If the sun comes out! – Sun cream is a must as well as NuBo instant lip perfection spf15 (this is very compact, hydrates and protects the lips from the sun’s damaging rays).

Focus on the eyes for festivals – your lips wear off. Have fun! I’ve drawn on little hearts, stuck on diamantes around my eyes. I’ve had sunflowers drawn on my face. The 60s thing.A smoky drawn-out eye. I love doing it on myself. Use a cotton bud – it makes it smoky but not harsh… smouldery. Get the eye shadow you want on the cotton bud and draw it underneath your eyes, bring it out to a side. Then get a blender brush with the same shadow and take it across the eyelid. Smoke it out as much as you want then add more black if you like.

Then get eyeliner and put it on the inside and put loads of mascara on. MAC eye shadows, Max Factor mascara and Dior kohl eyeliner or Rimmel gel eyeliner in a pot. At festivals MAC’s body art team have done flowers wrapped round my legs before, which look great.

Shove flowers in your hair, tie bandannas around it, put loads of plaits in it. Make it as messy and big as possible! I love experimenting with styles like little plaits and little ribbons with bows. Also a little half-up, half-down thing. I like to mix it up a bit. I love hair accessories; there are some beautiful ones out there.

At a festival you can go crazy and do what you want. A look me and Holly (Holly Rudge, Pixie’s hairstylist from Taylor Taylor London) do is little plaits with bows sewn in the ends. Using hairbands (to secure the braid) looks bulkier so Holly found a way of sewing it with a needle and thread and we attach flowers on the end. Pack a bottle of Batiste dry shampoo – a definite must!


Maybe pop along to a vintage shop or even a charity shop as they always have some good fashion gems ready to buy!

I bought a great red suede fringed jacket from Sandro, a Nasty Gal 60’s/70’s flower power crop top for festival fun, and if your lucky enough not to have to wear wellies, then I’m wearing sliders lots at the moment.

You always need shades for the sun and for when your eyes get hazy from a late night or no sleep all weekend! I have some crazy fun pineapple ones and some chic Fendi ones.

A chic rucksack is always good to put in all your essentials, dry shampoo, baby wipes etc and you won’t lose it when it’s on your back. I have a new pastel pink leather one from Gucci.

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